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Barrett Lazar, LLC

Experienced New Jersey/New York Litigation Law Firm

At Barrett Lazar, LLC, we provide effective and creative solutions to complex litigation problems. Our service is sharply focused on our clients, on their needs and goals. At our firm, our clients receive the quality of service and legal experience expected at a larger firm but with the conscientiousness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a small boutique legal firm.

Our practice encompasses the states of New Jersey and New York at both the state and federal levels. Our senior partner has over 40 years of experience litigating cases and getting results for our clients.

  • Partner Scott A. Lazar has litigated numerous matters, including negligence suits, property damage, employment discrimination cases, wrongful death and insurance coverage and has defended municipal entities. Mr. Lazar has substantial experience defending lessors of heavy equipment and in the enforcement of indemnification agreements. He has also litigated product liability claims both in New York and in New Jersey.
  • Partner E. Michael Garrett Jr. has extensive litigation experience in property damage, premises, product and auto liability suits, as well as major asbestos litigation and wrongful death actions.
Scott Lazar, left, and E. Michael Garrett, Jr., right, enjoying a beverage.

Partners Scott A. Lazar (left) and E. Michael Garrett, Jr. (right)

Our knowledge is comprehensive. We have produced informative seminars for our clients, both on request and on a voluntary basis. Our attorneys have also been tapped as featured lecturers in continuing legal education seminars.

Meet Our Experienced Attorneys

Scott Lazar has been practicing law since the late 1970s and co-founded Barrett Lazar, LLC in August 2000. Michael Garrett has been practicing law for 25 years.

Our associate attorneys are also experienced and knowledgeable lawyers. To learn more about our partners and associates, please click on the links below.

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We believe that the strength of this law firm lies in our extensive litigation and trial experience, which enables us to most effectively serve the needs of our clients. We would invite all questions regarding our services and experience. We maintain offices in New Jersey and New York. Contact Barrett Lazar, LLC today.